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I originally had a acronym or a first thought of ORIGINality, like find out what answers to your unknown.

Hey I’m Catherine

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No more

You’ve made me depressed for so long, thus the reason I left many many years ago. I realized your manipulative behavior will no longer control me. I expected loyalty from you as I faithfully given you. I asked for you to be an actual father but you just would not change. You did not change…

Untitled Cry

What another horrible year since the pandemic. I find myself so lost in the system as a victim and an advocate for children. I consider myself more of a victim in this case but no wonder why people are scared to leave their abusive ones. I did the right thing that is hard to do.…

Essay Page

Three CMS to Try The CMS used to build this website is WordPress. I highly suggest this CMS to use for site building. Three specific traits of WordPress I find more likable than others is first the templates. Coding a design can take time and seeing ideas or using a templates seems to cut the…


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