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Three CMS to Try

The CMS used to build this website is WordPress. I highly suggest this CMS to use for site building. Three specific traits of WordPress I find more likable than others is first the templates. Coding a design can take time and seeing ideas or using a templates seems to cut the time in half for me. I like the ability to use images for the cover of my topics for my once in awhile post. I also find the analysis to be another feature I find helpful in WordPress. It helps me know that a particular article is viewed more than another post. Two other CMS to try is Google Sites, if you prefer a simple website and quick. The third would be SquareSpace, you can customize each page to have a unique layout immediately.

Differences of CMS

I have used many types from Squarespace, Wix, and Google Sites. They are all similar in providing a sort of template. Squarespace had a lot of nice layouts but it may be that I have been involved with WordPress for too long that they seem similar to the already made templates. Squarepace is different for each page can have a different pre-formatted layout. WordPress offers more abilities in customizing. I remember trying Wix and it felt different a while back. I found that it offered simple designing, maybe now the CMS changed the way you design. I feel that WordPress differs the most in the amount of plug-ins that can make a site have a characteristic style. Google Sites is nice for a quick simple form of page but there’s not much you can customized. When I make a site, I want it to be creative as I can make it and I find that WordPress gives me that option.