My Short Bio

Hey I’m Cat

[…] So I am always a shy person but once you get to know me, I noticed that I have a good amount of Facebook likes with a median of per se 40 likes. I know it’s not in the thousands, but I met at least 90 % of people I found to have had a good conversation with. I often emphasize when others are feeling certain why about a certain action, not just by me but from others around the room. I don’t believe in bringing anyone down either for their mental , disability, or even if wellness and physical isn’t harmful to your strength.

My hope or goal is to make a health system where instead of offering multiple chemical tablets that wellness is offered first and covered. This could offer a way where persons may adapt naturally instead of trialing all these mental invaders that some bodies like mine find as an attack.

They should offer genealogist services to find out the risk if diagnosed with constant conditions or doctor visits or simply because the patient needs to relieve some stress about who she/he is. If someone does not want that type of test and is just suffering from mental conditions instead of offering medications that are addictive and expensive offer the insurance company can offer to pay for wellness programs such as yoga, gym, for children programs. Affording programs for children to feel good and exercise the school seem to cost an arm and leg. The REC centers in my town charge 60 dollars per event and that times 3 adds up. Sports are another huge expense and as a mother of my own, I want them to be active. I could imagine all the families suffering from this.

I imagine it’s been worse since covid because it’s pricey. I just want us, humans, to be heard and listened to, and not just that. I want better communication amongst the worlds.

Anyway… I tend to get off-topic and go into detail so sorry for that. I find that designing websites as a hobby I want to continue. I have been doing it since 2005 when Xanga (an old blogging site that doesn’t seem active anymore) appeared. With Xanga, I was able to personalize my profile to my fellow middle schoolers. Xanga was a place where we could express and communicate. I would use search engines to find the codes for design features I wanted on my site. There is where I learned how to change my background by using codes along with many other style attributes. Next, came Myspace where I also had another opportunity to educate myself to formulate a code to add a music playlist. There came a point that the “Top six Friends” navigation area would give me anxiety. I formatted the friends’ list from a Top six to a top fifty, I didn’t want to favor or hurt anyone that socialized with me. 

“Think about others, empathize”