Justice Scene for Victims

How does a mother handle a situation she has no control of. She can handle the safety concept of her children but the justice part seems undetermined and not understanding.

Is credible evidence enough to fight for the children. Will another abuser of the law get away.

The process of domestic violence in the justice system is almost as traumatizing as just finding out the secrets that were hidden from the one trusted to keep them safe.

Counseling and psychiatric help is on waiting lists and after three months the first child has been seen. Therapy with horses cost $300-$500 each child, how does a parent afford that for three children to get extra mending services. This world is all about money money money.

It needs to be based on humans rights to live happily and take those stressors away. Everyone wants to help but not everyone can. I want to help and can help in any way I can. Not just for my own, but all victims. I went to the court room and saw so many kids and it hurts that this is a raising concern not getting taken care of.

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