Therapy and Comicality Intertwine

When I say comedy I mean we don’t always ask serious questions. We play games such as card therapy games and board games. Did you know places offer therapy with horses?

Offering discounts for a family wanting to add it to a specific day of week before retirement of day may cause awareness. Does not have to be every week, it can every other day to once a month – either way you get to socialize with your children in ways they want to but may be scared to.

Children are more scared than us to speak their fears and speaking about feelings helps us feel comfortable with each other. Adults need that connection with friends. The children sometimes struggle to make friends during school years I know when I was young I struggled with the fear of speaking because I was scared other kids would laugh at me . Oddly, I felt that way in college before receiving my associate this coming December. Virtually and physically anxiety takes over need to socialize.

Remember we are the past and present molding our precious kids in the preset and preparing their future and the future for ALL children.

Me and the past

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