It’s Been Awhile…

You may think of that Staind song which I thought of after I had written the title of the first idea that popped in my head. ( my idea was that it’s been awhile since I did my hobby; writing. )

I’ve come to realize the world is criminally getting worse. Those that could be your neighbor or even a past acquaintance. They never seemed troubled in that aspect you thought they could be wrong in. Every noun is interesting it can be either dangerous or safe. To some it is the place they thought was safe.

I’ve come to notice in my state site, the statistics of abuse are higher for the most defenseless, children, teenagers, victims of all kinds of abuse.

There’s shortages of therapies and help for children. Waiting lists or you just gotta work for help when you just wanna give up.

Fortunately, I found great advisors in my academic pandemic life. They helped me fight through and they didn’t have to but they did and for that I root for this school forever. They care about me as an individual, don’t be mistaken there were those who have made me felt isolated. There was about three but many more of professors , advisors, facilitators, and all those who cared about my degree as much as I did. Also those who cared for the class as a whole and accommodated to their needs, they are the ones I find necessary to learn their policies for the future success of students.

I’m seeing that Elementary Schools are trying to cause awareness in children and family activities and that is starting to become a relief. The schools are the children’s safe haven sometimes. Away from home and reminding we should take them out to more activities to help them get through this phase of life.

Keep holding on, and go to help if you want it.

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