Frightening Images in Haunted Windows


My love and I love to take trips out of town. Sometimes we go to another state or we go locally. Gettysburg, a town most Pennsylvanian schools take a trip to. As a student the hours are during the day and you go back home.

Now, as a grown up, your able to take ghost tour the night hour. s. We went to this very quiet town dining the day after the sun had set. When you walk around the town it’s full of a silence unknown. Hard toexplain but you belt it in the silence of the famous and of war. town.

On this tour we were with our good couples friend. Oh good to socialize ia 9 relationship. We took a tour and looked a hotel for the night. After the town was introduced and the stories of haunted houses were told, we all decided to take a walk on the serve route are were taught.

I kept getting frustrated when our friend got a few superspicious images and I got none. I remember what the four lady wearing a bigbeautiful dressrepressentythe way style was back then,” when you take pictures go back later and it is known the ghost tried to be seen.”

I gook a bunchof photos and herald been able to go eachcompletely but I did find one evidence of those words in a photo.

Never heard of civil war haunting? Check outthis article to seem some haunted locations

How do you think my phone could catch a spooky image? what are your thoughts?

If you zoom into-circled area I marked you will see what I’m talking about!
Here you see her zoom size!

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  1. This is definitely spooky.
    Sometimes these things do manifest in front of camera

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    1. Cat Vee says:

      Yes! The lady that lead the tour in Gettysburg did say to go back and check. Many people found surprising spooky image. There’s another one I have to pictures before I wish WordPress would let us add images to the comment. But in this image you she the blue dress figure looking like she’s coming closer from stairs or something of that stature.

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      1. Wow! Haunted place. I too have seen a few. What an experience 👍🏻


      2. I’ve just followed your wonderful blog.
        Invite you to mine 😊

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      3. Cat Vee says:

        I am glad to accept your invitation. I look forward to reading your blog. 😄

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