Facts and Opinions About an Article Written by an MD and Yoga Practitioner


Facts and Opinions About an Article
Written by an MD and Yoga Practitioner

An MD and yoga professional at the same time, Timothy McCall explains questions one may ask. Does yoga encourage change in the way we handle daily stresses? According to McCall, yoga can be a guide to learning ways to break bad habits. The fact stated by this article is that the more you do it, the more you will do it.

Scientists are finding new natural formulas to helping meditation on the skin and on the benefits of Yoga. Scientists are realizing what yogis realized decades ago. Another finding found is that the brain stem is talented at forming new connections against damaged neurons to do what it’s meant to do.  Yoga plays a role in aiding us to control these overwhelmed minds today.

Even though the first attempt at a yoga class was beginning to become a routine as I was able to physically learn an in-person lesson. Changes in routine occurred spring semester of 2019. My mind didn’t grasp the idea that if I made the time for just a quick 30 minutes just like Timothy McCall suggested I could have helped my stresses hurting my body. Rajmani Tigunait expressed similar opinions that of McCall, which a habit forms when that action is performed more and more whether bad or good. Why not make yoga a habit to handle stress when it’s better for the body other than other alternatives used especially in my opinion the teenagers. Yoga should be included in High Schools as it is not a religious practice and even if it is the Constitution will protect you for freedom of religion. There is scientific proof that stress can hurt the body.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com

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Yoga As I See It: Same & Different 

Everyone is different and it’s okay to listen. As I listen to the interviewee, I understand that what works for them keeps them happy and that’s all that matter. To me, yoga means to unite with my stress and breath it in and out as I adapt to focusing on my goals. An agreement between us, it does help my flexibility and I do sweat as exercise would. Whether if not exercise and flexibility is the only benefit, I found myself in difference of opinion. Yoga does more for me mentally as I constantly forget that it’s important. It makes me forget what I’m so depressed about or anxious about while focusing on my breathing. I wish yoga was free because I want to join the classes that are in-person as I experienced a few classes before the pandemic. Even though it is costly to join those classes, it’s better to practice at home with YouTube to self-study and make it a routine. Now these yoga classes are my way of relieving stress and being able handle exercise without stressing my traumatized joints. Other forms of meditations that I use are listening and singing music or going on hikes. I constantly search for silence, there is so much noise in my life every day. With all these differences I still had a great conversation in this interview and remembered that understanding is the key. 

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