My Reflections on Writing


Have you ever thought that writing could be encouraging and help you feel confident and relieved for a moment? Writing has always been very beneficial in my life in many ways. Writing helps me feel organized, proud, and even makes me feel better on days when I am at my lowest. I can’t say that I have ever had a negative outcome from writing. Many kinds of experiences in my life have helped me feel positive towards writing and has helped me enjoy writing.

My First positive experience of writing is that I feel organized. I feel it as I jot down tasks and reminders in my planner book every day. I feel it as I write the titles on my tab dividers to help keep from my class notes from mixing up. Even before I wrote my essay assignment that I am writing at this moment, I had used prewriting techniques to keep me, and my topics organized.

Another kind of positive experience from writing has made me feel proud of myself for receiving a good grade on an essay in Philosophy. I always have anxiety about handing in essays. My mind starts asking 21 questions over and over until I get that grade. My mind keeps on repeating, constantly, asking; “did I fail?”; “did the teacher hate it?”; or “did I write too much?”. Not only was this professor known for being a tough critique of essays, but this was also my first semester in college, after taking a break for over ten years. This essay was the last assignment that would reveal the final grade in this class. When the last day of that class had appeared, I sat at my desk anticipating that my results were doomed. When my name was called, my heart stopped for a second. I became shocked that the professor was telling me; “you did a very good job, Catherine!”. Then I saw my paper and looked at the grade. At that time and moment, I felt very proud of myself.

I’m pretty sure we all have our days where we can’t keep our emotions intact, whether it be angry, sad, happy, lonely, nervous, etc. Dealing with those types of emotions can be difficult. When I was going through one or all those types of emotions, it was hard for me to calm down and think about those emotions I am feeling. I remember once upon a time in high school I was struggling with emotional difficulties in my life, so I had met with my guidance counselor. I remember her suggesting me to write in a journal when I needed to let some emotions out. Ever since then I am always writing in my journal whenever I’m going through a troubling time or just need a way to let my overpowering emotions leave me. I think the whole journal writing experience is amazing because I can express my words into paper, leave them there and free my head from the overwhelming thoughts. Writing in my journal always helps me feel better.

In drawing things to a close, writing has helped me in many experiences in my life. It has made me feel calm. Writing has helped me feel proud of myself when I thought I wasn’t able to write an interesting essay, and writing has made me feel organized about my life and achieve my goals. Only good has ever come out of writing in all my experiences and my feelings towards writing are positive.

me writing

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