Perceptiveness of Nature


  Finding Nature

Where are the bunnies when there is none in the backyard? Walk farther into the land of fresh cut grass and search for holes in the ground. There you will see a part of nature. Hidden are the baby bunnies in a hole made by their mother to protect them. If you see mother bunny and come near, she as well hides.

Where are the fishes that are a part of nature? Go to the creek down the road and sit. The creek is hiding the fishes who swim. You can see them if you carefully look and focus. You can find them by fishing. Nature hides and it’s our job to find it. 

As I have said, nature can be found. Many parts of nature like to be hidden. You can find them in the sky all the way down below the ground. Animals hide and even the sun will hide. Just go outside and begin searching, nature will come and appear.

    Sense The Nature

In the words of a twentieth-century psychiatrist who founded Gestalt therapy, “Lose your mind and come to your senses” (Perls). If you lose your mind, go outside for 30 minutes and use your five senses you will see how beautiful nature can be. As I sit on the landscape in front of my house,  I remember the beauty nature has to offer by smelling, feeling, looking, tasting, and hearing.

In my time, I look at the clock and It’s now 10:45 at night. I finally have time to go outside to experience nature after all my daily duties that had to be done. Already, I start using one of the five senses, sight. I see nature, it’s dark with a lucent side. There is a black sky with floating white sparkling dots. I see an airplane in the atmosphere above me. In front of me is a road with random cigarette butts and dry shriveled leaves. I see a field with a colony of cornsilk not ready for harvest. Looking behind, my home with all the lights out and white picket fence surrounding the property. I see the pretty red celosia flowers that have been planted a while back. I see the bushes my brother offered to trim. Next to me is a pine tree that was a baby when I was twelve years old and now it is as tall as the utility pole standing idle. 

After, seeing it with my two eyes, I start to perceive what nature’s landscape feels like. The hard ridge on the cold sidewalk that I currently sit on has a little wetness from the dark green grass which had just been mowed this morning. I feel a small gust of cool wind exhaling onto my face. Since I left my sweater indoors, I feel goosebumps on my arms . While enjoying this quiet night, I experience sensations of  being unperturbed and somnolent . 

Following, my ears listen to the background of crickets in colloquy. It sounds as if they are quarreling at each other by the loudness of their stridulating. I hear cars from maybe one or two miles away actively roaming the nighttime. Twenty minutes of exploring nature during the twilight hours, I can taste fall as I inhale and exhale. The coldness on my tongue feels somewhat like eating ice cream sandwiches.

Finally, I catch the scent of  the farmland growing crops and dirt that has been fertilized to help plants mature. I enjoy that smell and it lets me know that I am home enjoying the environment. Unfortunately, a piece of nature comes into my sense of smell. A powerful stench that I don’t believe most people are fond of. Something black and white with a fluffy tail is lurking around here somewhere unseen, provoking me to head back indoors.

Summing up, my five senses can detect nature. My ears hear things like insects and vehicles from afar. On my front yard, my nose could smell nature and  hear distant sounds . I see plants, trees and alluring diamonds in the sky. Feeling the cool weather makes me wish I could stay out longer, being able to taste the chill of gust air. Nature is a beautiful thing and my five senses help me recollect those thoughts. 

             Most Treasured Glimpse

A voice telling how I should go

Expected to arrive 

Obstacles causing me to re route

Turning left instead of right

I find the view I was meant to see

Forge ahead towards my destination

 No Need To Say Farewell

When all is said and done, you don’t have to say goodbye to nature. Just turn off your phone and any other distractions that cause it to be hidden from your view. One moment it’s right in front of you and the next it’s gone, like the fishes who swim towards the deep end. It’s hard to say goodbye to a moment of scenery. You are sitting outside for a half-hour, reminiscing on your thoughts while feeling sensations of serenity and longing to cherish the view ten minutes more. Trying to define nature is almost indescribable for the reason that not one word can completely define nature. The best way to describe nature is by embracing and examining. How you feel it when sitting on top of the cold, tickling grass. When the sun is setting, detailing the colors you see. The roses that bloom on a bush and sends out an aroma, allowing you to get a whiff of nature. In the morning, birds who are nature’s melodious artists send music into your ears.  The ability to taste nature by grabbing a red delicious apple from a tree. By using your senses to define nature, the results are best for your well being and ability to find your purpose in this universe; to remind you that there’s more to life than what’s visible in humans preoccupied eyes. It’s hard to say farewell to admirable things, but you won’t have to if you put the problems and distractions aside and continue searching for nature’s hidden treasures ten more minutes.

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