A Time when Societies Brought Awareness to Human Rights

The awareness of human rights developed globally in many ways. One way being music, provided Rahul with words from Christina Aguilera’s song, “You are Beautiful”. Similarly, I also grew up with that music and felt my worth as a citizen of United States as did Rahul citizen of an Eastern land in a national award book Behind the Beautiful Forevers. (Boo, 58) Western nations that controlled their economic and politics life while Eastern is receiving education start to realize during 1990s that others fight why can’t they? With each society having activists and wanting to fight for human rights, attention to Western owned territories such as India and Africa form movements. In the book by Katherine Boo, Annawardians such as Rahul are offered devices that display news and music. Another human right kind of event in 1953 called the Sun Yan-sen, Fundamentals of National Reconstruction brought attention to the society of only China to recognize each as an independent individual and treat their own as a friend. (Due to the Western and the ease of communication and transportation, word got around that human rights are existing. There’s no reason why one would wonder what that feels like in a society they do not feel as free. influential to Martin Luther King, Jr. known as another activists named Gandhi. A knowledgeable man felt unequal and spoke against how he felt to South Africa. He fought rights for his fellow second-class Indians. (I did notice it was not for lower or higher class, simply not just for environmentally). He led a movement against taxes on salt, another example of how global attention is being approached. While he’s Leading a national acceptance of all employment, Indians marches won. Abdul, from the book Behind the Beautiful Forever had International support and attention to human rights for everyone in eastern. They also influenced Africans who global awareness on the success of fighting for your right. 
	Along with the whole globe realizing their self-worth, Africa also formulated nationalists’ movements.  Dealing with distraught from diseases brought from an army camp in Kansas City. (“Solidifying Colonialism in Africa - HIST-102-V02 - World History II”). The Africans felt the Europeans were not true to their words or beliefs. Due to this distrust, formed a movement called African Independence Churches. This movement wanted to be free from the control issue European holds on other territories economic wellbeing. (“The Growth of African Nationalism - HIST-102-V02 - World History II”). With global freedom awareness and knowledge, the Africans build societies zoos and schools like the European and separated them to make them feel discriminated like the Africans felt. 
Neocolonialism formed within the Latin Americans that weren’t specifically controlled by European powers
Around the world, if other societies were not living within Western, they would feel discriminated. Such as Gandhi, who gave up because he lost hope that Western morals were applied to their side only and not the economically or political owned eastern societies. He gave up materialistic life for a simple life of independence creating peaceful boycotts. Unfortunately, British police aggressively arrested all in the way. 
Due to the education Europeans offered Africans, they used their skills to fight for their independence.
Latin America had to deal with United States wanting to control their economics. But their Columbian army-controlled regions were attacked during a movement from “banana pickers” and ended up in a deep great depression. (“Neocolonialism in Latin America - HIST-102-V02 - World History II”) The Latin Americans were able to express global awareness through photographs and display workers with an unarmed carrier amongst their waist. 
The Western and Eastern now seem to accept if one meets requirements. Such as a time when Brazilian saved their workers when they tried to fight for freedom of drinking as it was their proper life habit. Ford ended up not accepting displacement of offering a alcohol house free lifestyle. The Brazilians now earned ownerships of the land since an American company left its land to its territory. 
	Some people still can’t accept human rights, and some aren’t given the chance of receiving it due to different controllers. Asha mentions that all these top notches think treating lower classes as if they are incapable of knowing what’s going on and how they are being treated. (Boo, 22) Though the help of educators is what thought us all how to understand how this world works and it’s up to us to figure it out. Catholic Nuns introduced knowledge and taught Annawardan native language and English with many other types of subjects and music taught Rahul of freedom of self-worth. Part one ended with the question in Behind the Beautiful Forevers expressing people were started to be concern if others can fight for their freedom why they can’t. They should be able to prosper economically and be helped during national disasters of floods. Obama was involved with the American war and that had some wonder accept him when Rahul heard others talking about the political news. (80) Unfortunately, it is not accepted in some communities today, but one can only hope that their society accepts human obtaining a right to prosper as they work for it not just because they are rich and carry a name.

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