Vision and Genetic Risks

So, I’ve had glasses forever it seems. I remember being in Elementary school in my sixth grade year. I remember feeling exactly what my oldest in Elementary feels like.. and it’s funny she even asked the same question I asked, “what if everyone at school makes fun of me?”.

When she asked me, I kinda smiled inside like hmmm is this deja vu? I wonder if is due from my father’s side I lost my vision or is it because I tried a fellow Sunday’s School classmate glasses. When looking within my own genes and obtaining a health report from, I am at risk for AMD. I have very bad vision and even stigmatism in my eyes.

Like me, my daughter learned that she had vision issues from the schools yearly eye exam in the nurses and physical (but it seems the doctors office have been so busy and hectic lately they didn’t notice)

I took her to this new eye doctor that covered our insurance and was feeling like I missed a whole virtual reality where the doctors are not even in the office. They hold virtual meeting and control the thing that they usually ask questions such as “do you like option a or option B”. I was amazed, and she received the same pre testing techniques as I would get. Everything was sent to the doctor including videos of the eyes and such. It did take almost two hours to complete the appointment also the person who worked there seemed stressed and admitted she did not like the new system due to the amount of lagging and connection issues. (Which I found completely understandable) She seemed exhausted and I wish I could help her out, but she was sweet to my daughter and made her not feel so anxious.

So, back to that question. “what if the kids make fun of me?”, as I recalled saying that before. I told her well do you think I look silly with my glasses and she felt empathy and said no I don’t. I said mommy can be pretty with glasses as anyone is. There’s plenty of kids who have glasses and I told her that yes, I got made fun of for a couple days and guess what I still had a friend no matter what..another fact for her is that helped me become smarter in school and focus because just like you hunny I couldn’t see or concentrate.

See I look normal with glasses!

I made sure to ask the virtual doctor through the meeting online if her eyes are as bad as mine and he assured me with an illustration of her actual pretesting results and circled what he was discussing. I felt very informed and am still shocked that technology is quickly advancing everywhere. Eye doctors have started this during COVID-19 and I haven’t been to one the past two years due to my last appointment being right at shut-down season. John Egan describes the whole process if interested! I know it was quite interesting.

She loved the going the eye doctor and was fascinated by all the testing she had to do!

She’s upset because she can see just fine with the display glasses!

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