Teach the kids to be Empathetic

It is more than okay for our kids to express how much someone frustrates them but when they assume that someone is stupid or as my oldest likes to use a lot “dumb”. I simply say now.. “Would you want that person to assume you’re a dummie for having a bad day?” She gives me this look like ugh mommy has a point. In her class there was some war between the boys and girls. They were fighting on the cool girls group versus the awesome boys group. I realized this as my daughter ask to make a girls bracelet for the group she created because she felt classmates bullied her because of this boy she once had a crush on earlier in the year. I like to knit and crochet so she likes to use my yarn to create her own jewelry most of the time. She said there were girls who denied to join her group and she feels those are girls who are mean. She told me to help make five or six bracelets but I ask her how many girls are in your classroom total and there were six others not included. Instead, I suggested we make all the girls a bracelet. I felt this was a way to teach her that even though not everyone wants to be your friend you don’t have to be their enemy. Show them that you are accepting if they would like to be your friend. Overall, this simple DIY unity bracelet project we did together help us get closer and also became a life lesson I hope she remembers as her personality grows. Empathy, understanding how others feel and imagining how you would feel helps make the right decisions on creating an equal world.

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein


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