My mysterious Correa side


I’ve been analyzing the family tree matches that presents to me. One side that has been difficult to locate is one of my mothers parents. Correa I couldn’t find a link for a bit but then I ran across Captain Correa.

So I’ve always heard about Arecibo and that we grew up from there. It is a name that if someone were to ask what part of the four parts of Puerto Rico I am from. I would always say Arecibo because it was the first remembered name that my family members mentioned growing up. I’ve read (“Captain Correa: The Guardian of Arecibo (the Caribbean Chronicles Book 2) – Kindle Edition by González Rivera, Roberto. Literature & Fiction Kindle EBooks @”) but the first version and I learned that he loved his family just as much as I love my family. I haven’t read the other two yet but I definitely plan on it. Reading this I related to Estefanía, and how she helped her children with anxieties of the unknown. She was scared of getting attacked by a competitor of Arecibo while I’ve been scared of how crazy the news is. Now, I don’t even try to look at it anymore. Once in a while I’ll see a pop up of current news but every time I open it it seems sad.

I felt bad for a woman who lost her love for I could not image the amount of agony that would cause my heart. There were multiple love stories and I’m a sucker for love stories and movies. I even love seeing others in love and happy. I love that they fight just like my husband and I fight about simple things. When I meet others I always try to understand and if they are in a toxic relationship I hope I can help as I relate from before I married my dream come true man.

What I found interesting is that the ancestor with surname Correa also had another name Serrano as their last name. Now it sometimes makes it a bit of a task going farther back because of past generations using two last names. So I’m in the process of of figuring out how Captain Correa’s aid Nicolás Serrano are related.

I also found a google map location of a momentum dedicated to Captain Correa in Arecibo. High was a fighter in hopes for a better future.

I found this location by looking through the very helpful hints. They suggested that I look at the satellite view of where this ancestor was from and bam I saw this. I smiled and was like okay something I can visit hopefully in the future when finished with college. I was amazed by how inspirational he was to Arecibo. A town I have always heard of but never knew much of.

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