I Cat Vee, want this world to start changing!

There’s so much going on it feels like, I’m not sure if it’s my anxiety or if it just feels seems that way. It seems that the more I learn study and learn I want to be so many professions because you need to be in order to be heard. I may have not reached that yet but my college HACC (stands for Harrisburg Area Community College). I am suppose to graduate this summer but after researching my own genes from MyHeritage.com I researched many possible reasons I am the way I am. I’ve also researched my ancestors and other family and friends. It’s amazing what you learn, I love learning. I wish there was a profession where I get paid to just continue learning. I wish I could learn every subject colleges have to offer. I want to transfer eventually after we figure out my true genetics. I plan on doing with LGH Penn Medicine. For years I’ve been involved with other PCP’s and all they made me feel like was a mental case. No, I’m telling you I feel so tired not depressed. I understand my father passing away can cause a child that but as a teenager and adult I still just feel exhausted. One day I met this amazing practitioner from my current choice and she listened to me and sent me a referral to a sleep study. I was like wow this is gonna be easy because all I wanna do is sleep I’m always just so tired and it keeps feeling worse. Long story short, I am diagnosed Narcolepsy. How does this involve the world changing? When I finally finish college, I plan on opening a new kind of insurance. That’s just my long term goal, my current short term goal is getting answers to why most my genes are pathogenic and I’m also a little scared. I have to be calm though outside, I have three babies that look just like me. They are very smart but seem to have a rough couple of years since covid. Routines have changed and it’s like the world forgot about the children’s wellness. We have to remember that they are having a rough year too and remind them there is a better future. We also have to hear how other children are treating them. Now I got bullied around sixth grade. My daughter started in her kindergarten year till now. My daughter also lost half of her kindergarten learning experience. I had to quit my job and teach all my children their developmental skills. On top of that I had a good gpa and was started a classes that were empowering my future. I was feeling good and confident because I had accommodations and quiet areas to study. I had teachers who woke me up if I accidentally fell asleep. I had ability to let my mind think without so much noise. My ears have always been sensitive to noise, I believe I had 2-3 surgeries as a child. To go back to the bullying, (sorry I always get off track LOL ) I had to make it an issue to the principal and daycare managers, I felt like all my children felt abuse from past daycare. They learned to swear there and get picked on there as well. But then my youngest son struggled with the education he needed he was constantly hospitalized and on nebulizers. He had asthma and for some reason 2019 was full of colds which I felt was due to daycare. At the end of 2019, he was hospitalized for coronavirus and another scary virus. I love this sanitizing mask thing sometimes and then I hate it but it really helped the world be more sanitized because watching him in the hospital every night while trying to complete assignments was so heavy on my heart. He’s my little baby but now he struggles to socialized publicly. I feel like the world should have more of daycare teachers be trained as a person who handles troubled behaviors in kids. I signed up for assistance since 2019 and I had people from the insurance company asking multiple companies to help make it faster because if he wasn’t in daycare I couldn’t work my part time job. Well, months and months went by about 5 per say. He finally was so happy and excited to pack his lunch that his assistant put her two weeks notice and started being late and not caring about how if effected his routines. She even called off and I understand that he was a lot to handle TRUST me I’ve been doing it alone for awhile. But she had two weeks to help him because if she didn’t show up he was not allowed to go into daycare when his sister could. Now that sadness I see when he says where’s what’s her face and daycare. I have to say sorry baby, do you want a cake pop from Starbucks and you can have fun with mommy today while she tries to catch up on school. He’s always happy and actually is well behaved because he loves routine.
I have his therapist and the help of IU13 to thank. He’s now going to be in a daycare that won’t ever kick him out because they are trained and I’m thankful that he is finally getting the help he deserves because he’s so smart and learns so quickly. Now is the time to focus on these children, like my local REC center charges almost 100 dollars for a family membership but their programs are each half 100, a family of five for each of us to feel benefits in a healthy wellness program offered; it would be another couple hundred. My daughter wants to be in cheer and that’s another good bit of money from the school. I wish the governments and states would start using funds on children programs. Once i’m done with school I could help my hard working hubby with finances so we may be able to do more activities with them. These types of programs help everyone, why can’t insurances cover these instead of all the anxiety medications. That’s just my imaginary insurance company if I were to own one.

LOL it was tough fitting in there but we had fun!

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